BMS solution helped to reduce the equipment downtime and increase the average check in the VkusVill supermarket chain

We would like to tell you how the optimized service of the equipment can significantly reduce downtime and losses.

Our client
VkusVill is a Russian supermarket retail chain and a private food label.
VkusVill stores
There are 1226 stores in Russia and a store abroad.
Our competences
Integration of the BMS solution and connecting the equipment to the monitoring system in 65 VkusVill stores.
Our goals:
Reducing personnel participation and human factor
Working processes and equipment service optimizing
Reducing the equipment downtime costs and increasing the profitability of coffee sales
Increasing the average check and sales of certain categories of goods, for example, baking
Our results:
Remote monitoring
We connected all the coffee machines to the BMS Control monitoring system to monitor the status of the equipment online and solve emerging problems
We implemented a technological IT solution "BaristaGo". It helps customers to adjust the settings for the coffee drinks preparation
BaristaGo во ВкусВилл

Key indicators changes

Downtime ratio
The ratio of the total downtime to the total equipment operating time and downtime for the same period of operation
in 1 month
in 3 months
in 12 months
Our result
The downtime of the coffee equipment installed in VkusVill stores has been reduced by 5 times.