BMS Cloud

BMS Cloud
IoT platform for real results

Cloud-based IoT platform, which connects to single network any types of devices: coffee machines, vending machines, fridges, HVAC, lighting, autonomous sensors, etc.
Our story
The idea of centralized control of fully automatic professional coffee machines aimed to increase the efficiency of their use in the coffee-to-go network business appeared in the second decade of this century, as one of the IoT trends in the HoReCa segment. One of the first to start building an IT business based on the implementation of such an idea was Oksana Ricci, an American entrepreneur from Florida.

In 2013, Oksana created BMS (Breakthrough Marketing Solution) Inc. with the goal to develop IT solutions for the remote control of fully automatic WMF coffee machines.

Thanks to its business activities and university community of programmers working in the USA from different countries, Oksana assembled a development team who were inspired by the idea of "turning every coffee machine into a small coffee shop with delicious coffee, made in barista style."

The result of the efforts of the international team of developers was the IT solution BMS Coffee Control - the world's first universal control system for fully automatic coffee machines, which allows not only to receive data from WMF equipment installed in many locations but also to remotely control this equipment from specially created Monitoring Centers, working 24/7.

Realizing that not only WMF coffee machines are important for the HoReCa business, by 2021 BMS developers have provided the ability to connect the world's leading brands of Schaerer, Thermoplan, and Franke coffee machines, as well as equipment from manufacturers of high-speed ovens and refrigeration equipment to the system.

When creating this business, Oksana Ricci assumed that her company's IT solutions would primarily be in demand in the American market, however, she faced huge demand for BMS Coffee Control in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In these two markets, more than 4,000 coffee machines have been connected to BMS Coffee Control by 2021.

Such well-known experts as Peter Ricci (founder of AgentPoint - one of the leading digital marketing company in Australia), Oleg Stepanov (Ex CEO JetBrains Munich), Andry Metsavas (CEO HB Oy Tallinn), Artyom Astafurov (Ex Senior Vice President IoT/M2M, DataArt New York), Helen Tennison (MD RainBlade Ltd. Toronto), as well as many software & hardware developers from more than 10 countries took part in the development of BMS Coffee Control.

Today BMS head office is located in Limassol, Cyprus, we are open for cooperation anywhere in the world and always welcome new projects.
All data collected from devices is used

In contrast to competitors - we came from real business, and we do use what we develop.
Facts and figures
Cups of coffee sold by coffee machines connected to our system in 5 years
$ 590,149,505
Value of coffee sold at average price $2,5 per cup
4000+ stores
Connected to our platform
11 countries
where our clients use BMS Cloud platform
Our clients
These companies are using BMS Cloud
Platform architecture
Use cases
Look how large retailers transform their coffee business
Need to connect coffee machine to robo-arm? Done. Our client is opening a chain of robotic cafes
Cloud? On Premises?
You choose!
3 layers of platform
Edge controllers and sensors
We produce own controllers, which not only provide communication with the platform, but also perform EDGE analytics. Including video analysis.
Platform and databases
Scalable and unprecedentedly flexible. It allows to monitor and remotely control any devices. Works with any protocols. Provides push, sms notifications. Integrates with IP telephony and any 3rd party platforms through api interface or even automated loading of SCV files from ftp.
Applications, end-user interfaces
You get exactly what you really need. No "universal" or "one size fit all" apps. We do exactly what is required to improve operations of our clients' businesses.
Why clients are happy to work with us
Public cloud, client cloud or on premises.
Fastest time-to-market. It took us 5 days to connect coffee machine of #1 coffee brand in the world and start operating it remotely. Other companies asked for at least 4 months to even get first test results.
Your benefits are proven on 2500+ locations and 8 countries. We onboard new customers every months, meaning the market have acknowledged our advantages.
Interfaces are tailored for needs of your business
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